We over a lot of the VR accessories

You will invest a ton of energy in your virtual ‘home’ inside the Oculus Mission 2 connection point, so it merits picking a climate you like. On the off chance that you go to the primary Settings menu and, Virtual Climate, you can see the exhibition and make your pick.

A portion of the conditions should be downloaded before they can be applied, so you could need to stand by a couple of moments. We especially like the cutting edge Digital City, as well as the comfortable Winter Cabin, where you can sit and unwind and watch the trolleys going by.
With the Journey 2, Oculus is putting forth a purposeful attempt to help it with true, quality embellishments: We’d particularly suggest the $50 Tip top Tie that gives a safer fit to the headset, with a movable fixing wheel around the back.

On the off chance that you’re especially loaded Oculus Accessories then you can pay $130 for the Tip top Tie, and an additional battery pack (to continue gaming for longer), and a conveying case — ideal for VR progressing. You can likewise get different molded face plates for the headset from the Oculus store on the off chance that the one in the case doesn’t fit right.
A ton of the cleaning and support tips that applied to the principal Oculus Journey apply to the Oculus Mission 2 too: Utilize a dry, optical focal point microfiber material to wipe the focal points inside the headset, and try not to utilize any sort of synthetics on the inward parts.

Non-rough, hostile to bacterial wipes can be utilized to clean the lashes and froth around the headset, however don’t utilize liquor or a grating cleaning arrangement. Ensure your Mission 2 never sits in direct daylight, as this can rapidly cause extremely durable harm.
The Oculus Journey 2 accompanies a coordinated projecting component that will send what’s going on inside the headset to any big screen with a Chromecast (or Android television) connected. It’s ideal for parties where you have a group of people of loved ones.

All you really want to do to empower this is to open the offer choice from the principal menu, and afterward pick Cast (viable gadgets on the nearby Wi-Fi organization will show up, so pick the one you need). One of the choices will be to projected the stream to the Oculus application on your telephone.