AV Furniture: TV Stand Buying Guide

AV furniture is vital to we who appreciate TV and films, yet believe that our home venue should look decent and supplement our home. One of the vital bits of AV furniture is the TV stand.

On the off chance that you are searching for AV furniture, you realize that there are so many TV stand decisions that it’s nearly amazing. How might you conceivably pick the right TV console for your requirements?

There are a few interesting points while picking a TV stand.

Area, Location, Location

Rooms can be huge or little, rectangular or round, customary or odd-formed, and in the middle between. Fresher bigger level board TVs occupy a ton of room and need a TV stand or TV mount to coordinate. You might need to get imaginative to easily accommodated your new bigger TV stand in a room of your home.

A corner TV stand can be a brilliant arrangement. It permits you to get your TV into the corner opening up important wall space in the remainder of the room.

Balancing your TV on the wall utilizing a wall mount can likewise be a lifeline in a room where it’s now close.


At the point when you purchase a level screen TV, you get it by size, yet the size that is indicated is the inclining estimation of the screen. Then again, when a TV stand indicates that it can oblige TVs up to a specific size, it is basically impossible to tell whether they’re are discussing corner to corner size or genuine TV width.

A TV’s width will constantly be not exactly its corner to corner screen estimation. That implies that whether they’re referring to the TV width or TV show slanting length, the TV stand will oblige by the same token.

That being said, in the event that there is an error mark harris sideboards in the portrayal of the TV stand you’re thinking about, it’s great to check the real width of the TV stand so you can contrast it with the width of your level board TV.

Different contemplations connected with the size of the AV furniture you’re thinking about incorporate whether there are any actual elements of the room that would influence the TV stand, how high do you believe that the TV should sit, and assuming there will be sufficient space to serenely stroll between existing furnishings and the new TV stand.


The overall hypothesis is that the focal point of the TV screen ought to be at similar level as the eyes of the watchers. Assuming you will mount the TV on the wall over the chimney or on a high TV stand, that may not be commonsense.

Then again, on the off chance that you utilize a shifting mount, you will actually want to point the TV screen down at the watchers really accomplishing exactly the same thing.

In our home theater, we have situated the TV higher in light of the fact that we sit in chairs and gazing directly toward a TV that is at eye-level is off-kilter and a stress on the neck. In the event that you will be generally staring at the TV from a leaned back position, remember that while you’re picking your AV furniture.


Most TV stands determine a greatest load notwithstanding most extreme width for the level board TV’s they can oblige. However, you ought to be cautious about the weight particular. A few makers determine the all out weight including all retires that a stand can deal with and some will indicate only the heaviness of the TV, and that implies the weight that the highest point of the TV stand can endure.